Top 6 Design Magazines You Should Check Out Now for Inspiration

Design Magazines You Should Check Out Now for Inspiration

Inspiration can be hard to find at times. Here are our 6 favorite Design magazines that you should check out now for inspiration.

Eye Magazine
Eye Magazine is a very artistic and well-curated magazine updated quarterly that is available in both print and online format. Check this one out because it explores everything from websites, books, product reviews, design critiques, interviews, and design inspirations.

Eye Magazine also stays up to date with the latest ongoing events like design summits, workshops, exhibitions related to graphic design taking place all over the world.

Communication Arts Magazine
Communication Arts Magazine is an international bimonthly publication considered to be the largest creative magazine in the world. This magazine is available in both print and online format, and covers a range of topics in the fields of design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive media, and typography.

Best of all, Communication Arts magazine has a strong digital presence and the website is updated daily with a lot of free features. There is also premium content that can be accessed via a paid subscription that includes hundreds of insightful articles, thousands of images and videos, as well as creative firm and individual profiles.

Computer Arts
Computer Arts magazine is a monthly publication that caters to all aspects of digital and visual arts. It focuses on providing keen insight and amazing inspiration from the contemporary visual communication world. You can often find descriptions for new projects by agencies and designers from all over the world, information on global graphic design events, as well as dialogues and discussion on the latest developments design trends.

Wallpaper* Magazine
Wallpaper* Magazine is a monthly publication that is devoted to visual creativity and design aesthetics. Each issue focuses on a specific design field to bring inspiration for the readers.
It covers categories such as architecture, design, art, travel, lifestyle, fashion, watches, and jewelry and is accessible via a print subscription or an iPad subscription.

Disegno is a quarterly design magazine that covers design, architecture, fashion, urbanism, graphics, and technology. Each issue contains in-depth reports, profiles, reviews, interviews, critical discussion, political commentary, academic analysis, and design content. Their website is also updated daily with news and hot topics from the design world, and also runs an event calendar and podcasts.

Idea Magazine
Idea Magazine is a great quarterly graphic design publication from Japan that can give readers great insight into asian design and visual culture. More interestingly, one of the design elements Idea Magazine greatly focuses on is typography design. It also covers the latest developments, book reviews, opinion articles and information in the design field in Japan.

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