What Does Color Mean For Your Designs?

Choosing the right colors for your designs is more than just knowing what colors you want to choose. Color can say a lot about the personality of your design. Choosing the right color palette can make a powerful statement. Therefore, knowing what color means for your designs is important to make a design that can create a meaningful visual experience. So here is a quick guide for what color means for your designs.

Understand Color Psychology
Color psychology is the area of study behind color and the human response towards certain hues. Proponents to this theory believe that by carefully selecting your colors, you can control the responses from your audience. However, color psychology is not simply black and white. Ask someone what they think of when they see red and they might say anger or hate. Ask another person and they might say fortune and prosperity. Context and intended audience is essential for understanding color psychology. So the lesson here is that color can trigger certain human responses. But choosing the right ones can be dependent on various factors like age, gender, and culture.

Use Color Symbolism
To help, here is a list of colors and their general respective symbolisms.

  1. White: associated with purity, hygiene, cleanliness, peace, and simplicity
  2. Pink: associated with softness, nurturing, and warmth
  3. Red: associated with stimulation, health, strength and excitement
  4. Orange: associated with energy, extrovertness and liveliness
  5. Yellow: associated with friendliness, happiness and optimism
  6. Blue: associated with intelligence, duty and trust
  7. Black: associated with power, dignity and glamor
  8. Purple: associated with quality, luxury and authenticity
  9. Brown: associated with seriousness, nature, earth, and ruggedness
  10. Green: associated with the outdoors, security and nature

Choose a color scheme
Now that you know what associations you want for your target audience to think when they see your designs, it’s time to think about choosing a color scheme. It’s a good idea to find colors that best support creating those associations.

Understanding color can bring forth a spectacular visual experience when people see your designs. Choosing the right colors can bring not only a great experience, but also make it memorable and impactful.

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