What is the Rule of Thirds?

The rule of thirds is a design hack that can help you easily choose where to place your design elements.

Simply take your canvas, and draw two horizontal and vertical lines across it to divide the canvas into three equally sized horizontal sections and three equally sized vertical sections. The resulting grid layout will be your guidelines for your work.

The lines you drew across your canvas will meet at four “intersections”, which mark the primary focus points of the scene. The human eye naturally lands on these points more readily than other spots on the canvas, so applying the rule of thirds in your work will enable you to guide and focus the viewer’s eye to the information you want.

By breaking a canvas up into evenly-spaced rows and columns, common issues like aligning text, positioning photos, and arranging all the elements become easy.

However, the rule of thirds is not a hard and fast rule. When designing, your intuition should always be the determining factor about what works or doesn’t work. Nevertheless, maintaining at least a mental picture of this 3 x 3 grid is a handy, simple way to ensure that you’re directing focus for the highest visual impact.

Credit – PHLEARN Magazine

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