3 Common Myths About Good Design To Avoid (Part 1)

Graphic design is one of the most popular arts today. With more and more people becoming interested in it, the demand for high quality graphic design has never been greater. But becoming a great graphic designer requires much more than just a good eye for color and attention to detail. There are plenty of myths about graphic design that even aspiring designers often believe to be true. Here are three common myths about good design to avoid.

Graphic Design is only about still images

Graphic design isn’t limited to still images. Check out GIFs and animated infographics. These powerful examples of visual content have greatly impacted social media by creating ads that stand out. As videos become more popular as visual content, so too does animations become a critical component of a graphic designer’s toolkit.

Graphic design is just for creating logo assets

Logos are important. They’re a critical part of graphic design assets for business. They are what people identify with your brand values and offerings. In short, they are an emblem of who and what your brand stands for. But graphic design is so much more than logos. It’s about creating visual content that communicates a message. Thus it can include a variety of different mediums. From posters to magazine covers to infographics, the list of graphic design examples is endless!

Graphic design is only for print mediums

Print medium is just one piece of the cog that is graphic design. Graphic design encompasses many fields such as website banners, email templates, as well as social media graphics. Nowadays, many graphic designers find that much of their work is now intertwined with social media, content creation and even UX.

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