3 Examples to Maximize Font Psychology in Designs

Fonts play a critical role in your graphic designs. When used correctly, fonts can add emotional depth which will enhance your designs both visually and effectively. After all, people hold specific associations and feelings when perceiving fonts. That’s what font psychology is all about. Some fonts speak louder and more flamboyantly than others while others are seen as more quiet but interesting. Others can be seen as rigid and traditional while others are more flexible and modern. Here are three examples of how to maximize font psychology in your designs.

Serif Fonts
Serif fonts are considered to be one of the more classical of the fonts. Its design gives off the feelings of trust, respect, authority and formality. So using serif fonts in your designs gives the impression that you are an established and traditional company that your clients can trust. Hence, they are a great fit for businesses like consultants, law firms, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Sans Serif Fonts
In contrast with Serif, Sans Serif are perceived as more modern, up-to-date, cool, and sleek. It gives off the impression that your design is straightforward, modern, trustworthy, sophisticated, tech-focused and cutting edge. So they can be a great fit for businesses like start ups, tech companies and even fashion brands.

Script Fonts
Script fonts are more elaborate than other fonts. So they give an elaborate, sophisticated air. Because they mimic handwriting, they also have a more personal feel than other fonts. In fact, they can also feel fun and whimsical. Script fonts can be very flexible as they can bolster a traditional old-fashioned feel but also add fun and creativity into your designs. So they can often be found in many different kinds of brands such as fashion brands, food and beverage companies and even toy brands.

Using the appropriate fonts can highly improve the visual experience of your design. It can bolster brand associations and what values your brand holds for your target audience.

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