4 Important Things To Know About Using Pastel Colors In Your Designs

When you think of pastel colors what comes to mind? Cupcakes? Puppies? Flowers? Maybe the Easter Bunny? There is a lot that comes with using pastel colors for your designs and if you don’t know how to effectively use them or unsure how they can fit in your designs then you are missing out! In this article we will introduce you why you should use pastel colors in your designs and how to best use them. Let’s go!

What are Pastel Colors?
Pastels are pale toned colors that are made by mixing significant amounts of white into shades of color. For instance, a shade of yellow that has been mixed with significant amounts of white will become a pastel yellow color. The more white that is added, the paler the original color will be. Pastel colors are often more washed-out and paler than their original hues and can be described as “softer”, “paler” or “light”.

How To Best Use Pastel Colors?

Color is what breathes emotion and personality into your designs. If executed well, color can become a powerful tool that can invoke memories, feelings, and associations in your audience.

Just like any color, if you understand the feelings and emotions that pastel colors can trigger, you can then use them to their fullest potential in your designs. By understanding color psychology you can make designs with specific crafted messages.

So what does color psychology say about pastel colors? Here are four things to know about pastel colors:

Pastel colors are peaceful and calming colors. They have a softer look that is easier on the eyes because they are lighter-toned than typical colors. Thus, this can create the illusion of a soothing and peaceful design and invoke calming vibes with your audience.

Pastel colors are romantic. The softness of the pastel colors can inspire feelings of romance. Especially when paired with romantic imagery like flowers or the local streets of Paris.

Pastel colors remind people of spring. When you see pastel colors, one of the first things people will think about is spring. They see the light soft colors as reminiscent of the flowers that bloom during this season. And when people think of flowers and spring, they feel feelings of happiness, the joy of rebirth and the hope of new beginnings.

Pastel Colors are baby-centric. Pastel colors remind people of babies. The soft colors of pale blue, yellow and pink are used in nurseries all over the world. If you use these colors in your designs, they can invoke feelings of cuteness, curiosity, care, youth and other traits associated with babies.

Understanding color psychology behind pastel colors will help in your designs. With these four facts about pastel colors, you will be able to maximize the potential of your design message to tug the right emotional heartstrings of your audience.

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