5 Amazing 3D Designers to Follow on Instagram

Amazing 3D Designers to Follow

The 3D design world is ever-evolving with new trends and techniques and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Social media is often a great way to stay in the game as great 3D designers love to showcase their new projects and ideas on platforms like Instagram. This article will introduce you to five amazing 3D designers you definitely should follow on Instagram!

César Pelizer
A London based illustrator and animation director, Pelizer’s instagram account showcases many of his phenomenal 3D design creations. His consistent use of color palette and subject matter in his work is aesthetically recognizable

Leticia Reinaldo
A Los Angeles based Brazillian character modeler, Leticia is the best at creating 3D cartoonish characters. In addition to working for Walt Disney Animation Studio, she has also worked in the gaming industry where she created a lot of the Overwatch game characters by Blizzard Entertainment.

Raphael Rau

A 3D master of using shadows, light patterns and textures in his works. Rau creates realistic renders that come out to appear as photorealistic to the viewer;s eye.

Annibale Siconolfi

Annibale’s breathtaking 3D portfolio is best described as world-building. While futuristic dystopian cityscapes are a popular theme for her work, they are not limited to only being a show of ultra-modern environments. Her work can also be suggestive of several immediate environmental concerns such as global warming, pollution and overpopulation.

Seventh Voyage

Seventh Voyage’s profile is like a wonderland set mixed with undertones of horror and action movie vibes. Each masterpiece is a 3D world of dramatic lighting, familiar and unfamiliar movie tropes like Jurassic Park and Scream.
There’s no denying that 3D design is a force of disruption in gaming and art. We hope that these five artists and their amazing designs will inspire you to pursue even greater heights in 3D design.

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