5 Amazing Tips for 3D Designing: Part 1

There are no shortcuts to becoming a great designer. It takes a great amount of time, talent and experience to develop the chops needed to succeed. Afterall, not only do you need the same artistic skills as a painter or a sculptor, but you also need a solid base in digital software know-how.

But getting good tips and professional insight can give you the edge to take your 3D design game to the next level. In this article we will be introducing you to five amazing secrets for 3D design.

Tip 1 Simplicity is Key
Modeling can be complicated enough. Any software will provide you with a whole array of different tools that can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, to model, stick to using the fewest tools you can. As you narrow down your list of tools, you will gain excellence in mastering which tools you rely on most. Better to be a master of a few tool brushes than a jack of all trades.

Tip 2 Deform for Detail
An easy way to create complex objects quickly is to use deformers and selections. Using deformers onto a tileable surface will add greater complexity and depth to your ideal object.

Tip 3 Look For Inspiration in the Real World
Whether you are building an object or environment, it’s important to give it a believable real world feel. Focusing on things in the real world will give you greater experience and inspiration to learn from. Clients may give more interest in a well-designed object that gives off real-world visual splendor.

Tip 4 Pose, Pose, Pose

You need to plan out your character poses. This cannot be stressed enough. Poses will breathe life and personality into your creations. Think about the silhouette and the line of action throughout the line of action. Look for the best shapes, angles, and curves of the model and enhance them with posture. For instance, tilting the hips and putting the weight on one leg for a model will create an ideal S-curved body.

Tip 5 Look for Helping Hands

Use tools that simplify the process for you. Tools like can quickly create complex objects such as accessories, avatars and textured backgrounds. Best of all, you can do it all within a matter of a couple clicks.

With these five tips in mind, you will be able to create next level 3D design. For more pro secrets to creating amazing 3D design, check out our 5 Amazing Tips for 3D Designing: Part 2 article.

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