5 Ways to Apply The Golden Ratio To Your Designs

The golden ratio is often considered to be the most beautiful number in the whole universe. The reason why is that this number can be visualized almost everywhere, from seashells, to geometry to even in the human body! The golden ratio is often used to compare things with harmony and aesthetic proportion. In fact, this golden ratio has been used in artistic works like the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, and even the Pepsi Cola logo. It’s as if the human mind was wired to appreciate this almost mystical number. If you are interested in maximizing the aesthetic potential in your designs and compositions, you can apply the golden ratio. In this article we will give you five ways to apply the golden ratio to your designs. Let’s start!


When we are designing the layout using the golden ratio, one very important guideline is to determine the dimensions of the layout. To do so, we must simply set the dimensions to 1:1.618. For example, for a typical 960-pixel width layout, we will divide the width by 1.618. Doing so will be 594, which we will use as the height of the layout. Now break that layer using the golden ratio into two columns. With these two shapes you can now apply the golden ratio to your layout. In fact, this two column style of image layout is quite popular on web design as it is easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing and well-organized.


Space is a crucial element in any kind of design. Whether it is negative or positive space, its execution can either make or break the final result of your design. Therefore, the careful planning of space can be quite time consuming. But instead, why don’t we use the golden ratio diagram and let the ratio decide where you place your elements. This can ensure that the spacing and proportions of the design can be calculated instead of being placed on instincts.


The golden ratio can be used to determine the placement of content by using something called the golden spiral, which is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is the golden ratio. Naturally our eyes are drawn to the center of the spiral which serves as a focal point of interest. Thus, when we are creating our design, we should place our main subject in the center of the spiral and topics of visual interest on areas within the spiral.


When you are choosing images to go with your design, understanding the composition of such images is also important. After all, your images can become a boon to convey information and create an aesthetically pleasing experience. The golden ratio can be used to ensure that your images can improve your image. Using the golden ratio, you will split the image into three unequal sections with a 1: 0.618: 1 ratio. Doing so will draw in viewer eyes to the most important elements of the image. With this ratio, the width of the first and third vertical column will be 1, and the width of the center vertical column will be 0.618. Regarding the horizontal rows, the width of the center row will be 0.618 and the height of the first and third horizontal rows will be 1. This arrangement will create tension and interest in the composition.


The power of the golden ratio can be used to create shapes that are harmonious in proportion with each other! This applies to squares, rectangles and even circles. For instance, check out the logos of Pepsi Cola and the Twitter Blue Bird. At a first glance, notice they heavily use circles in their designs. On a deeper examination, both designs heavily rely on geometry and perfect circles aligned to the golden ratio. Using the golden ratio can subtlety improve forms to become more harmonious.

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